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Fiberglass Roofing Expert In Dublin

Cost Effective Fiberglass Roofing Services:

At Expert Roof Chimney and Gutters, we are offering competitive and extensive range of both domestic and commercial fiberglass roofing in Dublin, which is a hardwearing and long lasting solution for the flat roof constructions.

When fitted, the Fiberglass and resin laminate together and are mechanically fixed to the surface they are laid on to. You may walk on it, put planters or other heavy objects on it, without causing any damage. Salt water and UV rays have no effect on it and pooling water will not affect it since there are no joints, apart from the expansion joints which are raised up above the surface, in short it will be very hard to accidentally damage it.

This system can be laid on to external grade ply or concrete, it is very flexible and will flex and bend more than your roof can. As with any flat roof system the base has to be firm and in reasonable condition. We will not lay directly onto old felt, it will be removed first or have external grade ply laid over it.

As an optional extra you can insulate you roof very effectively before the Fiberglass is laid. This must be an important consideration for you with fuel being so expensive and high carbon emissions being unacceptable. Insulate your roof now and you will after approx. 6 years have saved enough money on your fuel bills to pay for the cost of the installation.

We welcome you to receive our user-friendly services within your budget. So, contact us  at the earliest.