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Smoke Testing

Chimney Smoke Testing And Cleaning:

If your home has a chimney, you need to take care of it, and chimney smoke testing is a vital part of that process. Poorly maintained chimneys have been known to contribute to carbon monoxide deaths and incidents. These usually occur when invisible combustion gasses leak out from the chimney into either the room where the fireplace is, or, into other rooms through which the chimney in use may be adjacent to. Carbon Monoxide is not only poisonous, but is also odorless, colorless, tasteless and invisible, so very difficult to detect. This is why so many people still suffer the effects of it and some even die. By the time someone notices that something is wrong, it can often be too late.

Never make the mistake of assuming that all you need to do is push a brush through the chimney once a year. If you have no idea of what you are doing or what you are looking for you may easily miss indicators. You are far better off letting a company like us clean and check your chimney on a regular basis.
Smoke Testing: What You Should Know.

You need to consider chimney smoke testing when you have doubts about the state of your chimney or intend to change the fuel type, say changing from a gas fire to a wood burning fire or vice versa. Possibly you may think that you can smell smoke in a top floor bedroom or loft space for instance. You should also consider these tests when you want to start using your old chimney again if you have not done so for a long time. Since you have no idea of what is in there, sweeping the flue and carrying out smoke tests will help determine what’s going on inside the chimney.

After you finish installing your new fireplace or constructing a new chimney, you also need to consider a smoke test.

Smoke Testing: The Process:

The smoke testing procedures are clearly defined in the Building Regulations and when a professional is doing a smoke test, he will be looking for any escaping smoke that may cause problems once the fireplace is in use.

There are different procedures for smoke testing chimneys according to what fuel type is to be used. Testing for solid fuel use requires both the top and bottom of the chimney to be sealed. The flue will then be under positive pressure. Pellets will then be used to generate the smoke. Once the chimney is sealed the smoke will be forced to pass through any joint gaps between flues.
Smoke Testing: Dealing With the Results.

If the leakage of the smoke is not significant and within normal parameters, then you may not be required to do anything about it.

When there is concern however then this is an indication of a potential problem and further work will be required. We, the chimney professionals will find any faults. Not dealing with a known problem will contravene Building Regulations, probably invalidate any insurance and will be risking the wellbeing of anybody in the property concerned, or in separate flats above or even people living next door.

If the top of your chimney has no bird guard fitted, then if birds have built a nest in the chimney the poisonous combustion gasses will not be removed as quickly and efficiently as they should be regular chimney sweeping will help eliminate that threat. The chimney should be swept at least once a year and in some cases more frequently.

Why You Should Hire Professional Smoke Testers and Chimney Sweeps?

We at Expert Roof Chimney & Gutters are professional chimney sweeps and are the best option because we know what we are doing. We have the skills required to determine what is wrong with your chimney and the knowledge of knowing how to deal with any problems which may arise and be best suited to advise you, the customer. We will therefore ensure that your chimney is not only clean but also safe to use.

A professional chimney sweep also has the right tools. While you may be able to buy a brush and do it yourself or get someone to do a bit cheaper, can you really be sure that the person carrying out the job has the correct expertise, qualifications and experience to see the things that might otherwise be overlooked or be missed entirely. Hire a professional company – like us.

Bottom Line:

If you do it yourself or get an inexperienced, poorly trained person to do it for you, the likelihood is that it won’t get done properly. The trouble is you just won’t ever really know until something goes wrong.  By choosing a professional company such as Expert Roof Chimney & Gutters you can rest assured knowing that your house insurance will be valid, that your chimney is not likely to catch fire, as long as you follow our advice and that you and your family are not breathing in potentially lethal carbon monoxide.