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Chimney Sweeping & Repair Services in Dublin

Chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are all way to common in Ireland get your chimney swept by the professionals and have peace of mind we are the cheapest around and use the most modern chimney sweeping technology.
Now it's getting colder we are offering a professional chimney sweep service with a price that can't be refused.
Stay warm, safe of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning don't delay.
We offer seamless and effective Chimney Sweep in Dublin using wired brush to remove the soot and creosote, blockages from the inner liner and debris from the shelf and block chamber.

Is your chimney pot or stack cracked?
Is there missing cement from the brickwork or spalding to the bricks?
These are potential hazards and need to be dealt with before they cause unnecessary costly damage to your property. Call or message us for a fast free no obligation quote. We provide a reosonably priced, efficient and proffesional service.

Our chimney cleaner are ever ready to serve you for 24 hours emergency and routine Chimney cleaning in Dublin.