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Everything You Need to Know About Fiberglass Roofing

Everything You Need to Know About Fiberglass Roofing
31 Aug 2020

First, let us introduce what the fiberglass shingles are. Well, the fiberglass shingles are popularly chosen options for roofing purposes, available in various styles and colors - thus, they are easy to choose and install. Maybe, the fiberglass shingles are not so common like the regular asphalt shingles still, they have gained great deal popularity in Dublin with particular home design types.

Since the fiberglass shingles are manufactured using the fiberglass base mat, that is then asphalt coated and the ceramic bits are placed on top of the coating. They are completely comfortable with the organic mat shingles made similarly while only paper and wood are used at the mat shingle base. The fiberglass shingle is lighter and environment friendly compared to the organic mats.

>How Much Do the Fiberglass Shingles Cost?

The fiberglass shingles’ costs are varied on the basis of their locations, roof specifications and the quality of the shingle purchased. The last factor affecting the price is the hired fiberglass-roofing contractor. Thus, the average cost per square feet ranges between $120 to $400, so the fiberglass shingles for roofing is an affordable option.

What is the Tenure of the Fiberglass Shingles?

The fiberglass shingles are highly durable for your rood. Based on both the manufacturer and the roofing contractor, the fiberglass shingles are warranted for 25 years and sometimes even more. The average shingles last for 50 years while the asphalt shingles are warranted for around 15 years. So, the more cost-efficient option for roofing is the fiberglass shingles.

The Types of Fiberglass Shingles

Two popular fiberglass shingles for roofing are three-tab and architectural. The ones considered to be industry standard for the purpose of home building are the three-tab shingles. Each shingle comprises of 3 separate tabs which are uniform in shape and size.
Architectural shingles are often the laminate shingles and perfect choices for high-end homes. The tabs create visual interest when installed on the roof as the tabs are overlapping in a way and neither are they of any uniform shape and size. So, these are expensive compared to the three-tab shingles. But the architectural shingles make the roofing look entirely different, like the clay and slate tiles and even wood shake roofing.

Can We Walk on the Fiberglass Roof?

Despite it has a glass in its name, these are not fragile. So, walking on them is easier. In fact, the fiberglass shingles roofing has high durability to their credits, specifically in the severe weather. There are limited risks of rusting, rotting, leaking, and cracking. In fact, the fiberglass shingles offer extra fire resistance, thus making it a safer option for the homeowners.

We shall end the discussion on how damage can be prevented to the fiberglass roofs. The easiest way of preventing thermal splitting is by selecting a quality roofing system. Roofing means something more than only the shingles as it includes nailing, decking, and more. The meritorious part is when the new shingles are chosen, the entire roof is to be replaced in the process. The bill will definitely vary when just the shingles are to be replaced, but it saves money in the future since the complete roofing systems are warranted and offer more optimized options.

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